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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How many beats can I upload?
50 beats total. (5 x times more than most sites free accounts)
2. Why can I only upload 50 beats?

We only allow producers to upload only 50 beats at this time so there won't be any saturation.

This method allows all producers the chance to get their beats heard. So since 50 beats are

only allowed, be sure to upload your hottest. 

Tip: Any beats that you notice are not selling just delete them and upload new ones.


3. Can I Upload Sampled Beats Or Just Originals? prefers and recommends just originals. The only circumstance where

samples are permitted is when the samples have been licensed and cleared for sale by

the copyright owner of the sample.


4. Do I have to upload tagged beats?

Not at all. already has put a voice tag in place to help protect your beats.


5. Why was my beat(s) not approved?

One or two reasons, the quality was very poor or the beat included advertising tags which

is not allowed on the website


6. How much do producers get paid per sale?

All producers get paid 80% on all beat sales. In the future producers will have the

option to pay a monthly subscription and get paid 100% commission on all beat sales.


7. When will I receive my beat sale payments?

Commission payments are paid out on a weekly basis (friday evening or saturday afternoon) 

Is there a minimum balance? There is no minimum balance required in order to qualify for payment.

We will be converting over to instant payments very soon.


8. I sold a beat but didn't see a payment notification?

1. First make sure you have entered your correct and valid paypal email address.

2. Secondly contact paypal to make sure you don't have any existing balances you owe.

3. Contact us back so we can check your account to make sure you entered all the right information.


9. Can I promote my own website to sell beats?

Sorry but No! We at appreciate you being a producer on our

site but you cannot advertise your beat website through voice tags or any info

on your bio. Any activity discovered by will get you banned from the site permanently.